Store It: 100 Online Spaces to Store All Your Data

While backups on hard drives and CDs may still be the preferred method of data storage for many, a growing number of people are finding that the Internet provides a great place to store all their data, whether it’s for the long term or just to transfer information to another person. There are hundreds of services out there that provide data storage over the Web for just about any kind of information you could think of. Some are even available to use free of charge. Here are a few services we’ve compiled to help get you started storing things online.


Whether you just need to store some files online or back up an entire project, these sites have what you need.

  1. Store all of your documents, photos and files online with this storage space. You’ll be able to access them from anywhere, share them, and even edit photos and documents right from your browser.
  2. Omnidrive: Omnidrive can make it easy to move all your Web and desktop files into one easy to access place that you can share or get to from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
  3. XDrive: With up to 5GB of free storage, and additional storage for a cost, this site makes it easy to share and store all of your important information online.
  4. Amazon S3: Designed with computer developers in mind, this offering from Amazon makes it easy to store large amounts of data on the Web. Its interface is very pared down and users will only pay for the space they use.
  5. Windows Live SkyDrive: Part of the suite of Windows Live offerings, this site makes it easy to upload, store and share data within a password protected online storage program.
  6. Who.hasfiles: This site offers 100 MB of storage space online for free or up to 100 GB for a fee and allows users to easily access their files and data from anywhere.
  7. Online File Folder: Created by domain name giant Go Daddy, this online storage system provides cheap online storage for up to 2GB of information.
  8. FlipDrive: An account from FlipDrive allows users to upload their data to a secure online storage area and, if they desire, share them with others. FlipDrive also allows users to store contacts and favorites, so all their data is in one place.
  9. JungleDisk: Based on Amazon’s S3 storage system, this service allows users to store an unlimited amount of data and be billed only for the amount they’re using.
  10. AllMyData: AllMyData provides users with unlimited file storage and makes it easy to share and access files from anywhere. Additionally, the program can be automated to back up your computer on a regular basis.
  11. DropBoks: This is a handy program that allows you to store your files online for free. The simple interface allows users to move files as large as 50MB and to store up to 1 GB of stuff online at no charge.
  12. BitRoad: BitRoad is billed as being completely free of charge internet file hosting. Simply upload your files and share them with others without paying a thing.
  13. Openomy: Openomy allows users to upload files and share them with others using tags rather than folders to organize them, and offers up to 1GB of storage.
  14. DriveHeadquarters: Here you’ll find tools to upload, share, store and more with online data storage, FTP services and easy computer backups.
  15. OrbitFiles: This service offers up to 6GB of online storage for free as well as an easy interface for managing and sharing your information.
  16. Diino: Create access to everything on your desktop even when you’re not on your computer with this online storage service. The program makes it easy to back up your computer or to share media like photos and videos with friends.
  17. StoreGate: Create a hard drive on the Internet to store all your important information using StoreGate. You can back up your computer, share files, or even use it to store information from your mobile phone.
  18. iStorage: Iomega offers this service, which is designed to make it easy to share and store files and photos online and also provides a service called WhaleMail to send large files.
  19. gDisk: This isn’t a service but instead a program that you download an install on your computer. It allows you to use all that extra space in your Gmail account to save and transfer information easily.
  20. File123: This site encourages people to get rid of their paper files by making everything digital and storing it online. The site promises to be secure and offers a free program to send large files.

File Sharing

These programs not only make it easy to store information online but to share it with friends, family and coworkers as well.

  1. The Linkup: Called social networking for file sharing, The Linkup allows users to easily send and receive files with friends or just to store large files online easily.
  2. Wuala: Wuala makes it easy to share files with your friends, privately. Files are encrypted and there are no limits on size.
  3. 4Shared: This site makes it easy to share your music, videos or photos with your friends or anyone else.
  4. BigFileBox: Exchange files or work together on a project easily using this file uploading and storage site.
  5. WebOffice: WebOffice makes it easy to share the files and information that are a part of a big project. You can also allow everyone involved to edit and update the data.
  6. RapidShare: This site makes it easy to upload files and then send them quickly to others, no matter how big they are.
  7. TrueShare: Upload your files to this site and you’ll be able to access them at any time and easily share and collaborate on them with others.
  8. eSnips: With eSnips you can upload your documents, photos, videos, links and more. The social networking features of the site make it easy to promote yourself or exchange things with other users.
  9. Multiply: Make sharing photos, videos and information with your family more secure and private using multiply. You can upload anything you want and restrict access to a chosen few.
  10. Freepository: Developers can take advantage of this site which provides free hosting and sharing of source code.
  11. TileFile: This site allows users to upload a variety of media files, decide who to share them with, converse about them and even create widgets to embed in other websites.
  12. DivShare: Store and share your photos, videos, music and documents on this site. You’ll get up to 5GB of storage and the capabilities to embed and share files easily.
  13. Exaroom: Here you’ll be able to store and access your files from anywhere or share them with anyone you choose whether for work or just for fun.
  14. GigaSize: Billed as the easiest way to upload and share files, this site offers both free and pay accounts that allow users to upload, store and send files and contact information.
  15. Still in the beta stages, this site provides an easy format for users to upload their files either for storage or to share with friends if they choose. It even has a version optimized for the iPhone.

Sending Services

Many email providers simply can’t handle sending huge files. These uploading services will take care of that for you.

  1. YouSendIt: Send files up to 2GB quickly and easily using this popular service.
  2. TotoExpress: Those working in the creative field can take advantage of this sending program which allows easy sending of large files to clients or collaborators.
  3. Pandafile: Easily upload or send files with this beta program and share them with anyone you like.
  4. FileFactory: FileFactory allows users to upload files for the purpose of sharing them. It comes complete with an email sending service for large files.
  5. Sharebee: Send large files with ease using this site, which allows users to upload files of any size and to email them to anyone they choose.
  6. DropSend: This program makes it simple to mail large files. Simply drag them into the site, drop them, and send them on their way.
  7. Move Digital: Use the uploader that comes with this site to drag and drop files into an easy and user-friendly system for sending big files.
  8. Driveway: Park your files on this site and share them with anyone you want. You upload what you want to share and a notice is emailed to the recipient to look at the files.
  9. BoxCloud: Billed as "dead-simple," this file sending service allows users to share files right from their desktops. Users will just need to download and install the software and you’re ready to roll.
  10. Send6: Mail large files using this online service geared towards professionals and businesses. The site also offers some free online file storage as well.
  11. WebCargo: Designed with creative professionals in mind, this site makes it simple to send big files to and from clients. You can send up to 2 GB at a time and you’ll be notified when they’re viewed.


Never forget your passwords again with these Web-based password storage services.

  1. Clipperz: Store your passwords privately and without paying a thing with Clipperz. You can also use it to store other private information as well and keep everything organized.
  2. Agatra: Try out this free service to securely store and retrieve your passwords no matter what computer you’re using.
  3. PassPack: Use this simple password manager program to keep track of all your passwords online with nothing to download or install.
  4. NeedMyPassword: Keep your passwords accessible and secure on this free password storage site.
  5. HandyPassword: Download this password program and you’ll have an easy and free way to keep all your passwords organized and at your fingertips.
  6. 4MyPasswords: This Web-based application allows users to safely store their passwords and get to them no matter where they are.
  7. Keezey: Stop struggling to remember your passwords for your favorite sites and store them with Keezey instead.

Bookmarks and Contacts

Take all of your important information with you no matter what computer you’re on with these sites.

  1. Bookmark Tracker: This site allows users to safely store and organize their bookmarks online and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  2. MyBookmarks: Take your bookmarks with you everywhere you go with this easy-to-use online bookmark storage program.
  3. Backflip: Create an online directory of your favorite sites with this great bookmark storage tool that allows you to access sites from more than just your own computer.
  4. BuddyMarks: With this site you can store your bookmarks online, access them from anywhere, share them with friends and easily organize them.
  5. Plaxo: Keep your address book at your fingertips with this site that makes it easy to connect with your contacts, share web content and access it from anywhere.
  6. Keepm: Sign up with this free site to keep your contacts easily accessible from anywhere, including your own computer, a laptop or even a mobile phone.
  7. BigContacts: This web-based contact manager allows users to keep track of their contacts, calendars, files and more no matter where they’re accessing the Internet.


Store and share your photos online with these great services.

  1. Picasa: Google’s offering to the online photo storage market provides users with an easy way to upload and share their photos in customizable Web albums.
  2. Flickr: This popular photo sharing site allows users to upload their photos to store, share or link to from other sites.
  3. PhotoBucket: Store your photos in this site which makes it easy to post hosted photos on anything from a blog to a forum.
  4. ProtectMyPhotos: Back up your photos using this online service so you’ll never lose the record of all your great memories.
  5. Sharpcast Photos: Automatically back up and store your photos online so you’ll never face a disaster if your hard drive crashes.
  6. OurPictures: Simply upload your photos to this site and you’ll be able to store them in an album, share them with friends and family, or have them made into unique photo merchandise.
  7. Shutterfly: Create an account on Shutterfly to upload and store your photos. Once they’re on the site you can order prints or share them with others.
  8. Snapfish: Users of this site can upload their photos, create shareable albums and even order prints of their digital photos.
  9. 23: Upload, organize, share and print out your photos on this great site.
  10. Kodak EasyShare: Use this photo friendly site to store a few of your recent photos so they can be easily shared with friends or printed.
  11. Fotki: Fotki makes it easy for users to upload their photos and create shareable albums so photos don’t have to just sit on your hard drive.
  12. DotPhoto: DotPhoto provides amateur and professional photographers with a place to store and share all of their best photos.

Videos and Music

Keep your media safe or share it with others through these Web tools.

  1. MyOtherDrive: Upload your videos, files and photos to this site to share them easily, with no file size limits and up to 5GB of storage.
  2. EatLime: With EatLime, users can upload their videos and share them through the service, by linking them to MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, or sending them over email.
  3. MediaMaster: Back up all your music files to this site so you’ll never lose them, plus be able to access and listen to them from anywhere.
  4. VidiLife: You can upload and store all of your videos to this site, and if you’d like, share them too.
  5. DropShots: Share your photos and videos using DropShots or keep them private as you store them as a backup.
  6. ZippyVideos: ZippyVideos provides free uploading and storage for videos as well as an easy way to share them with friends, family or the rest of the world.
  7. Supload: Supload specializes in hosting music, video and images. You can use the site to store your media or as a platform for sharing it.
  8. Rupid: As one of the largest providers of free video hosting, Rupid gives you an easy way to upload, store and share your videos.
  9. Mydeo: If you’re not just interested in storing your videos but in sharing them easily with others as well, Mydeo can be a great site to try out.
  10. Pixilive: Upload your photos and videos to Pixilive for free and get unlimited storage, privacy options, and photo and video galleries.
  11. MP3Tunes: Listen to your music from anywhere using this great site. Users can upload and store their music and listen to it from any computer or even from their phones.
  12. BooMP3: Use this site to upload and share MP3 files with an unlimited amount of storage and the ability to place files on MySpace, your blog, Orkut and more.
  13. Steekr: Steekr provides Internet users with a place to store or back up their digital music files, with 1GB of free storage. Users can also take advantage of photo and video hosting as well.

Computer Backups

Don’t let your data disappear if something happens to your computer. Instead, back everything up with these online storage systems.

  1. Mozy: Back up all your important information to this secure site so you won’t lose a thing if something happens to your computer.
  2. Carbonite Backup: This company is dedicated to helping users survive a computer meltdown by backing up their emails, documents, photos and more online.
  3. Humyo: Humyo is a free place to back up all your important data or just to store a few important files. Users can also send and publish the files they put on the site.
  4. IDrive: This site provides users with encrypted file backups that keep their information safe from loss and private from others.
  5. IBackup: Schedule automatic backups for your computer with this online data storage site. It works for both Mac and PC users and offers plans for businesses as well as personal use.
  6. FirstBackup: Businesses can take advantage of this site which offers reasonable prices for backing up customer data, important records and anything else you wouldn’t want to lose.
  7. Data Deposit Box: This site makes a new backup of your computer every time you change the files or data so you’ll always have the latest records stored securely online.
  8. Elephant Drive: For only a few dollars a month you can enjoy unlimited storage with Elephant Drive and store documents, music, photos and more.
  9. ADrive: Enjoy 50GB of free storage with ADrive, and you’ll be able to back up your computer and store all your files.
  10. Angel Backup: This site makes keeping your files backed up and secure easy, with automatic updates and access to your information from anywhere.
  11. BlogBackupOnline: Don’t lose all your hours of work on your blog because of a computer malfunction. Back it up using this service instead, which makes it fast and simple to back everything up.
  12. CrashPlan: Are you prepared if something happens to your computer? This site can help get you there by automatically backing up your data and storing in an offsite and easily accessible place.
  13. Egnyte: Businesses will enjoy this service which not only allows them to backup their systems but to easily store, send and share data with clients.
  14. Textive: Back up all your important writing with Textive. The site not only provides users with the ability to store valuable content but also the chance to get paid for publishing it as well.
  15. Yuntaa: Keep your files safe and backed up with Yuntaa. You’ll be able to access them easily if something happens to your computer and share them with others if you need to.

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