50 Fastest Growing Niche Social Media Sites and Networks

Everyone knows about social media sites like Digg and Reddit, but the fact is, they are incredibly hard to penetrate, and the traffic they offer is often superficial. For many bloggers, niche sites are a refreshing alternative to these behemoths, offering more targeted links and a much smaller base of competition. Read on to find out if there’s a niche site that will work for you.


If you want to get in the financial spotlight, be sure to build a presence on these sites.

  1. Tip’d Investing News: This is the premier social media site for financial topics.
  2. Real Estate Voices: This steadily growing site offers an active real estate community of realtors, sellers, and more.
  3. Feed the Bull: Financial investors and stock market traders gather here to discuss and rate market news. Alexa reports that in the last 3 months, this site has experienced a 16% improvement.

Shopping & Style

Whether you’re offering coupon updates or product highlights, these shopping sites are a great place to be.

  1. iliketotallyloveit: On this rapidly growing site, you can discover new products and share your favorites.
  2. Dealigg: Dealigg regularly features coupons, rebates and freebies online. This site’s traffic rank has grown 110 points in the last 3 months.
  3. Stylehive: Stylehive is a quickly becoming a popular shopping site, with 28% growth over the last 3 months. The site features loads of visual bookmarks for fashion and more.
  4. Chictini: This steady-growing website allows users to discover, share, and buy chic designs.
  5. ThisNext: ThisNext offers a way for users to recommend, share, and find the next cool product they should buy. In the past few months the site has jumped 149 points in traffic rankings.
  6. Kaboodle: On Kaboodle, users can discover new items from similar shoppers, recommend products, and create shopping lists. Kaboodle has enjoyed a 38% growth recently.


Use these sites to appeal to armchair quarterbacks.

  1. ArmchairGM: On ArmchairGM, you’ll find an active social community and voting system. The site has experienced a slowdown in the past 3 months, but shows a consistent level of growth for the future.
  2. BallHype: This site, which has jumped by more than 2,000 points in traffic rankings, features cutting edge sports news, allowing users to assign "hype" to them for popularity.

Causes Relate to readers who care on these sites.

  1. Care2: Care2 has shown a consistent level of growth throughout the year. This network allows users to vote and get the word out about campaigns, petitions, and more.
  2. Gaia: Gaia’s community is full of supportive, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious people. In the past 3 months, the site has enjoyed a growth of 14%.
  3. Fivelimes: For all things green living, be sure to check out Fivelimes, a site that’s experienced an amazing traffic rank jump of more than 5,000 points.
  4. Hugg: Hugg has expanded its reach by 38% in recent months. The site is full of user-generated environmental news.

Art & Design

Within these sites, you’ll find plenty of ways to appeal to creative types.

  1. Design Float: Check out Design Float, a site that’s grown by 28% in the last 3 months. You can use it to discover and submit stories aimed at freelance designers.
  2. Design Sites Up: On Design Sites Up, you’ll be able to find design news and share your own. This site has experienced huge growth in recent months, with a 49,395 point jump in Alexa traffic rankings.
  3. Ravelry: Ravelry is an invitation-only site that caters to the knit and crochet community. Exclusivity seems to work for the site, as it has recently expanded its reach by 28%.
  4. PhotographyVoter: Check out photography news, and images, and submit your own work on PhotographyVoter. The site’s viewers tend to visit a lot of pages within the network, reflecting a 9% increase in page views.
  5. Pixel Groovy: This steadily-growing user controlled directory offers the best of the web’s tutorials.

Internet Technology

Share your knowledge on these sites that focus on web development, blogging, and beyond.

  1. DNHour: DNHour’s solidly growing site is all about domain strategy, sales, and more.
  2. Hacker News: Hacker News is full of all things hacking and web development. It seems to be growing in popularity, with a jump in traffic rankings of more than 16,000 points.
  3. Slashdot: Traffic has dropped within recent weeks, however this favorite shows a consistently high level of growth as shares the latest in tech and offbeat news.
  4. tweako: On tweako, you’ll find "collaborative computing" resources, including guides and tutorials. tweako’s visitors tend to stick around, which has contributed to the site’s 37% growth in page views.
  5. BloggingZoom: As blogging gets hotter, so does this consistently growing site. BloggingZoom is a great place for any blogger to promote their work.
  6. DZone: The word is getting out about DZone, which has, according to Alexa, enjoyed a 29% growth in the past 3 months. Web developers should check out this site, which is full of useful news and links.


Appeal to business-savvy readers on these sites.

  1. KillerStartups: This site reviews 30 or more internet startups every day, and encourages members to vote on which one they think will succeed. As interest in new ventures grows, so does the site.
  2. PlugIM: PlugIM, a site that has expanded its reach by 42% recently, allows users to share news, projects, and stories about internet marketing.
  3. HubSpot: On HubSpot, you’ll find marketing posts to submit and share. The site has jumped a respectable 922 points in traffic rankings recently.
  4. Gooruze: Gooruze is an online marketing community, offering news, advice, and more. According to Alexa, the site has expanded its reach by 13% in the past few months.
  5. Sphinn: Brush up on your internet marketing knowledge with this community that shows a consistent pattern of growth.
  6. Small Business Brief: Here you can find and share the latest news and information for small businesses. Although small, the site boasts a consistent record of improving traffic.


Anyone involved in music, video, writing, and beyond, will find a home in these sites.

  1. ShowHype: This site, which has increased its reach by an incredible 91%, allows users to submit and vote on the latest in entertainment news.
  2. Video Bomb: For popular online videos, be sure to check out this video bookmarking site. Its current users have helped its page views grow by 8% recently.
  3. IMEEM: On IMEEM, both users and artists will find a place to share and discover new music, video, and photos. Imeem’s reach has increased by 17% in the last 3 months.
  4. Wordsy: Check out this small but consistent book community where users share and discuss the latest news in the book world.
  5. Crackle: On Crackle’s rapidly expanding site, you can watch videos, rate them, and network with other viewers.
  6. GamerDNA: This site offers a great way for gamers to get together and share game notes, links, and more. It has pulled on an amazing growth of 51,912% and a jump in traffic rankings by more than 18 million points within the last 3 months.
  7. Hey! Nielsen: On Hey! Nielsen, users can rate music, TV, movies, and more. The site’s page views have recently increased by 29%.
  8. VideoSift: VideoSift has consistently high traffic growth and features all of the best videos online.


These sites are in a class of their own.

  1. Kirtsy: The site formerly known as Sk-rt serves up links submitted by women, for women. Since relocating from Sk-rt, Kirtsy has enjoyed a steady upward growth.
  2. NewsHeat: Follow the candidates and promote your favorite political news on NewsHeat. Visitors have been fervently tracking the upcoming election, boosting the site’s page views by 30%.
  3. Fark: If you want to read or share amusing stories, Fark is the place to go. The site’s faithful readers have contributed to its steady growth.
  4. Blogs4God: This site features the latest in Christian blogs, and holds a consistent following of readers that boost its page views regularly.
  5. BlackPlanet: On the fast growing site BlackPlanet, you can vote on stories, style, and lots more.
  6. Yahoo! Buzz: Vote on the stories of the day on this site that remains consistently high ranked.
  7. Meme or Lame: Meme or Lame allows users to submit and vote on gadgets of all kinds. The highest rated content on this site with excellent growth is used to create the site’s monthly free magazine.
  8. AutoSpies: Discuss and vote on new cars, automobile articles, and more on this site that’s recently experienced a traffic rank jump of 867 points.
  9. Daytipper: Find and share useful tips and information on this site that is sure to enjoy continued growth in the future.
  10. tipstrs: On tipstrs, users love to share helpful advice. The site has recently enjoyed a traffic rank jump of almost 29,000 points.

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